Strings of Autumn festival

19. 09. 2020 19. 09. 2020

Hope for Prague: Daniel Hope helps Prague resound with a concert on a floating stage on the Vltava. On September 19th at 19.30 CET, the Strings of Autumn international music festival is putting on a unique concert right on the Vltava river. The British violinist Daniel Hope will perform on a floating stage with a panoramic view of Prague Castle as backdrop. 'We're reacting to a situation where cultural life has been silenced for some months now. The Hope for Prague concert will be a celebration of the return of shared concert-going experiences to the city and to the wider cultural world,' says festival founder Marek Vrabec. The audience will be able to watch the concert from a floating pontoon on the river, and from Slovansky Island.


British violinist Daniel Hope, who studied under the legendary Yehudi Menuhin, performs Max Richter’s iconic composition ‘Vivaldi Recomposed,’ a re-imagining of the Four Seasons, with the Epoque Orchestra. The concert will also feature the world premiere of Smetana’s ‘Vltava’ re-composed. A special concert in a stunning setting: a floating stage on the Vltava beneath the National Theatre between Slovansky Island and Legion Bridge, with a panoramic backdrop of Prague Castle.


Thanks to TV ARTE, who will be filming the concert in co-poduction with Czech Television, a message will be sent to the world that 'Prague Sounds Again!' And, thanks to Czech Centers, you too can be a part of this exceptional event: watch the concert on a live stream on our Facebook page!




Daniel Hope performed ‘Vivaldi Recomposed,’ composer Max Richter’s tasteful, new-classical reimagining of ‘The Four Seasons,’ at Rudolfinum at the 2013 Strings of Autumn festival. The concert was one of the most popular and acclaimed in the festival’s history. So it is fitting that, in this momentous and challenging year, he returns to perform the piece as part of Strings’ ‘Prague Sounds Again’ initiative, an event devised as a celebration of the return to Prague of live music experiences shared in person with others.

Hope was already a star by the time of that 2013 concert – his recording of ‘Recomposed’ had become one of the best-selling albums in the Deutsche Grammophone catalogue – and since then he has gone on to cement his position as one of the world’s highest-profile violinists, known for the wide-ranging electicism of the projects he takes on, as well as for his collaborative spirit and curatorship of concert series for festivals around the globe.

At the ‘Prague Sounds Again’ concert, ‘Vivaldi Recomposed’ will resound in its intended form, with Hope joined by the 20-piece Epoque Orchestra. Richter’s piece is a fascinating take on the original, respectful of that towering work but unafraid to shape its colour and tone with the contemporary composer’s sensibilities. A dialogue emerges between the two composers across time to create an intriguing fusion – at times moving, at times exhilerating.





Daniel Hope – violin
Epoque Orchestra


Smetana: Vltava Recomposed, world premiere
Vivaldi: Four Seasons (Recomposed by Max Richter)

Duration: 75 minutes

Daniel Hope - official website





Strings of Autumn festival

Since its inception in 1996, Strings of Autumn has established itself as one of the Czech Republic’s major music festivals, whose wide-ranging and eclectic programming illuminates the relationships between genres ranging from early and contemporary classical to jazz, hip-hop, and electronica. Tracking the pulse that runs from era to era and style to style, and playing out in a variety of intimate venues across Prague, Strings has presented some of the world’s most iconic musical pioneers, as well as the new generations inspired by them.



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  • Event title: Strings of Autumn festival
  • Date: 19. 09. 2020 19. 09. 2020
  • Venue: Czech House Jerusalem

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