Animayo and Czech Centres present exclusive edition of stop motion animation

04. 07. 2020 04. 07. 2020

Festival Animayo in cooperation with the Czech Centre in Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Israel, Holland, Russia, Greece and with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Colombia, Spain and Italy invite you to a exclusive virtual edition Czech Stop Motion animation at the festival Animayo. On Saturday July 4, artists and experts from different countries will present seminars, masterclasses and screenings of classic and also contemporary videos created in the unique stop motion method. Stop motion is an animated filmmaking technique in which objects are physically manipulated in small increments between individually photographed frames so that they will appear to exhibit independent motion. Any kind of object can thus be animated, but puppets with movable joints or plasticine figures are most commonly used. This techinque has an outstanding and long tradition in the Czech Republic.


Czech Republic is without a doubt one of the leading countries in stop motion animation. Czech animation has a excellent reputation and regularly appears on many International festivals. Furthermore the contemporary production of short movies confirms the long tradition and reputation.

Program of the special online edition will include panel discussions with leading artists and experts. Further the festival will offer projections of classic and also contemporary stop motion animation including works from the prestigious Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague – FAMU.


Following guests will guide you throug the festival:

Tereza Brdečková (Czech Republic), journalist, film critic, author and screenwritter.

Martin Vandas (Czech Republic), stop motion animation producer

Daphne Rosenthal  (Holland), visual artists focused on experimental cinema

Luca Raffaelli  (Italy) screenwritter and expert on comics and animation

Patricia Ortiz Martínez (Spain) artist and animation director

Tami Berenstein  (Israel) animation and documentary film director, illustrator, animator and conceptual artist.

Daria Kashcheeva (Czech Republic) animation director

The festival Animayo presented already in the past important works of Czech classic animation artists like Jiří Bárta, Jan Švankmajer, Jiří Trnka, Karel Zeman and many more. Beyond that, the festival introduced as well works of contemporary productions and artists like Michaela Pavlátová, Jakub červenka, Galina Miklínová or Aneta Zábková.





Masterclass by Tereza Brdečková


*from 12:00 Israeli time


The virtual show Czech Centers Animayo Stop Motion Special Edition will be opened by screenwriter, film critic and writer Tereza Brdečková with her master class ‚History of Czech animation, from Hermina Tyrlova to Jan Svankmajer ’. You can watch the master class, in English, for free on July 4 from 11:00 to 11:30 (CET) on the Animayo festival website. Prior registration required.

Tereza Brdečková will guide us through the history of Czech animation from the beginning of the 20th century with Hermina Tyrlova, director and producer of more than 60 short animated stop motion films. We will also stop in the middle of the century with the famous personage of Jiri Trnka, illustrator, set designer and director, who is known as "Walt Disney of Eastern Europe" and end the show in the 90s with the boom of the film industry.


Tereza Brdečková is a journalist, film critic, writer, screenwriter, translator, presenter, cultural editor and daughter of Jiri Brdecek, a well-known director and screenwriter of Czech animated films. She studied editing at the prestigious FAMU film school. In 1995 he was awarded the Czech Literary Fund Silver Quail for the best cultural journalism. She writes films and series screenplays (among many, for example, the films ‚ Mirrors for Wallenstein’and Toy Toyen’ or the series ‚Bohema’and ‚The Man and his Shadow’). She is the author of many literary titles ('Selfish Itinerary', 'Letters to Marketa', 'Shahrazad and the King', 'The History Teacher', 'Blind Maps',' Alhambra 'and others), she also wrote a monograph on the life and work of her father 'Jiri Brdecek: Life, animation, magic '. She worked as a dramaturg at the Barrandov Film Studios and on Czech Television side by side with director Zdenek Tyc on a series of interviews ,I am Still Here‘, which she moderated.

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Masterclass "How to shoot stop motion in the 3D era?" by Martin Vandas


*12:30 Israeli time


Producer Martin Vandas talks about contemporary stop motion. Masterclass «How to shoot stop motion in the 3D era? »will be the second lecture that will take place during the virtual Czech Centers Animayo Stop Motion Special Edition festival dedicated to Czech stop motion animation. You can watch the producer of stop motion films Martin Vandas and his master class on July 4 at 11:30 a.m. (CET) on the Animayo festival website. The program will be in English and prior registration is required at

With Martin Vandas we will immerse ourselves in the world of Czech modern stop motion production. We will focus on the period from the late 1990s to the present to discover new artistic methods and techniques that break down the paradigms of traditional animation. We will look into the current work and the future, where creation with meadows and real objects is mixed with digital technologies and artistic possibilities are almost limitless.

Martin Vandas is a graduate of the Department of film production at FAMU and film studies at Charles University. His first major professional success was the Fimfárum trilogy (2002, 2007 and 2011), on which he participated with the production company MAUR film. However, he is not only a producer of animated films, he was behind films like Very Unsettled Summer (2013) or the documentary The Return of Agnieszka H. (2013). In addition to his production profession, Martin Vandas is the first chairman of the Association of Animated film, an expert of the Cinematography Fund and the Visegrad Animation Forum in Slovakia, as well as an external collaborator of the Department of Animation at FAMU in Prague. His projects include: , Daughter ’, ‚La La Traversée’,  ‚Fritzi – A Revolutionary Tale’, ‚The Concrete jungle’, ‚ Noctuelle ’, ‚ The ‘Fimfarum’ trilogy’, ‚Very Unsettled Summer ’, ‚Return of Agnieszka H.’ and others.

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Daria Kashcheeva presents her Oscar film 'Daughter'


*13:00 Israeli time


After reviewing the entire history of Czech animated film from its beginnings to the present day, you will enjoy the story of a successful young filmmaker Daria Kashcheeva and her film Daughter, which reached the narrowest final of the American Academy Awards. The director will present her original film, which was nominated for the Oscar 2020 awards in the category of the best short animated film, to the audience of the Czech Centers Animayo Stop Motion Special Edition on July 4 at 12 noon (CET). You can watch the whole festival program for free after previous registration on

Daria Kashcheeva introduces us to her impressive film Daughter, which has already won 38 prestigious awards  worldwide. Born in Tajikistan, she studies animation at the Prague FAMU. With her student films she participated in many international festivals.  With the author's film To Accept Daria won the international Nespresso Talents 2017 competition in Cannes.

In Daughter, her Bachelor’s puppet animation, Daria experiments with camera motion and explores the topic of father-daughter relationship. The film successfully toured many festivals and won several awards. The most significant of these are Cristal for Best Student Film at the Annecy Animated Film Festival and the 2019 Student Oscar.

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Virtual panel discussion


*14:00 Israeli time


Festival Animayo and Czech Centres cordially invite you to a virtual panel discussion „Virtual talks about Czech animation – Czech Republic as a cradle of the stop motion animation“. You will have the chance to here following experts: Tereza Brdečková, Patricia Ortiz, Luca Raffaelli, Daphne Rosenthal and Tami Berenstein.  The discussion will be held in a virtual form through Teeoh platform, which allows the audience to move through the room, clap, ask questions and offers more intensive online experience. The discussion starts on July 4,  from 13:00 (CET)

Stop motion is on of the important methods of artistic expression in animation. It has roots in puppet theather and puppetry. Czech Republic played without doubt significant role in the creation of the stop motion animation. During the discussion, the guests will introduce the audience into this technique, history o fit and the contemporary approach.



Patricia Ortiz Martínez

Born in Spain, visual artist, she studied at the UPV Universitat Politècnica de València. During her studies she received several scholarships and lived in cities like Prague or Havana. In 2002 she moved to Prague, where she lives until today. She is focused mainly on animation and in particular on stop motion technique. Patricia is author of several unique projects and since 2006 she is cooperating with many Czech directors. Between 2007 and 2011 she worked as lecturer at the ‚Film and TV Graphics Studio’ at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Currently she is working as director of photography. For her work on the movie Fimfárium, she was nominated for the Czech Lion award in 2011.


Luca Raffaelli 

Is one of the leading italian experts on comics and animation. Besides of that, he works as journalist, author and screenwritter. He is publishing in one of the most important newspaper La Repubblic, where he works also as comics editor. For years, he was director of a animation festival “I Castelli Animati” (Genzano) a comics festival “Romics” (Rome). Further, he worked as art director of the International summit of artists “La città incantata” (Civita di Bagnoregio). Since 2016 he is collaborating with the festival of animated cinematography and poetic art “Animavi” (Pergola).


Daphne Rosenthal 

Daphne Rosenthal stands at the crossroads of experimental film and fine art. Manipulating different materials and using animation and puppet techniques, she explores their movements and textures evoking tangible sensations. Moods constantly emerge from and dissolve into their surroundings. Daphne Rosenthal lives and works in Amsterdam and studied at the Rietveld Academie (BFA 2008, Gerrit Rietveld Prize for Best Film and Video 2008). Also, she has strong ties with Los Angeles where she studied at Calarts (MFA Experimental Animation 2014). Her work has been shown at Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, Hawick, Scotland - Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City - Mediamatic, Amsterdam - Quartier 21, Vienna - Nest, Den Haag - Swedenborg Film Festival, London - Experiments in Cinema, Alburquerque - Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles. In 2018 Rosenthal received a development grant from the AFK for a project exploring clay, ceramics, moving image and non-anthropocentric worlds. She returns for this project to her old love animation.


Tami Berenstein

is an acclaimed international Animation and documentary director, a concept artist, animator, and illustrator. Furthermore, Tami is the founder, manager and artistic director of "AniNation- the international animation festival - Jerusalem". The festival established itself as the largest professional animation festival of Israel. For 8 years she worked as an Art Director at the "Telad" tv network, as well as at "Fox-Baby TV" for which she created an original tv series who broadcasts at 85 different tv channels around the world (Cuddlies, Crafty Rafty, National Geographic JR.), alongside an Israeli "Sesame Street", "safari kids" and a diverse original content for various clients. She is a senior teacher and lecturer in Israel leading animation art schools animation and direction departments for the last 20 years. Her personal work was screened in festivals all over the world and in various tv channels. She was nominated for the "Chicago International Children's Film Festival" award and won several "Asiff" prizes for Israeli animation. She was nominated for the "Ofir" prize (the Israeli Oscar equivalent) for a documentary screenplay, and In Summer 2016 she is was named "Animix festival 2016 Notable" the highest award in the field of animation in Israel. She is the first woman to receive it.



Tereza Brdečková

Is journalist, film critic, author, screenwritter, translator and editor. She is daughter of Jiří Brdečka, a famous director and screenwritter of animated movies. She studied film editting on FAMU in Prague. In 1995 she received the Stříbrná křepelka award for best cultural journalism. Tereza writes film and also series scripts. She is author of many books. Besides of that, she published a monography about the life and work of her father: ‚Jiří Brdečka: Life, animation, magic‘. She worked as script editor in the Barrandov Studios and in the Czech television, where she hosted a series of interviews.

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Film Screenings

Screenings on 4th of July:

Full program

17:00 -18:10  Time Zone: London

Czech Animation Short Film Cycle I: Great Animation Classics. (Language: Czech with English subtitles)


18.30-19.40 Time Zone: London

Czech Animation Short Film Cycle II: Contemporary Stop-Motion (FAMU) (Language: Czech with English subtitles)







Czech Centres are the core instrument of public diplomacy of the Czech Republic’s foreign policy, and strive to support the reputation of the Czech Republic in the world. They present Czech Republic in a wide range of cultural and social areas: from art through the creative industries to the achievements of Czech science and innovations.


Partners of the festival Animayo:

Czech Centre in Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, Holland, Izrael, Italy and Russia

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Colombia, Spain and Italy.

Further partners are FAMU, NFA, Congo Film School and Maur Films Production



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  • Event title: Animayo and Czech Centres present exclusive edition of stop motion animation
  • Date: 04. 07. 2020 04. 07. 2020
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