Dividlo Jiřího Stivína

25. 04. 2020 25. 04. 2020

Czech Centres Network presents in exclusive live-stream the musician, photographer and cinematographer Jiří Stivín and his project Dividlo. The project Dividlo is a one man show full of musical improvisations and visual projections. Art and music is combined here into extraordinary preformance. During the performance you will have the chance to hear different kinds of music styles like jazz, chanson and even music from the Baroque period. The show will be also accompanied by short introductions by Jiří Stivín.


Jiří Stivín


Jiří Stivín (born 23 November 1942 in Prague, Czech Republic) is a Czech flute player, composer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and cinematographer.

After graduating from the cinematography department of the Prague Film Academy (FAMU), he devoted himself exclusively to music. He studied at the Royal Academy of Music as well as at the Prague Academy of Music, where he studied composition.

Stivín performs music from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Baroque periods. He has recorded flute concertos and has mastered all kinds of flutes and recorders. He has also been intensely involved in jazz, composition, and in the improvisational New Music, using saxophone, clarinet, flute, recorder, and several kinds of folk pipes. As a soloist, he works with renowned musical ensembles and institutions (Virtuosi di Praga, the Prague Symphony Orchestra, the Slovak Chamber Orchestra, the Prague Madrigalists, Due Boemi, Suk Chamber Orchestra, Talich Quartet.

He fronts his own Collegium Quodlibet and leads the jazz quartet Jiří Stivín & Co. He gives solo recitals with harpsichord, organ, or guitar, and sometimes performs with the sole aid of a tape recorder. For the last ten years, as part of the Prague Symphony Orchestra's concert subscription series and has written a large corpus of film, theatre and concert music. Jiří Stivín teaches at the Prague Conservatoire and is frequently involved in many other projects.


Jiří Stivín - official website


Project Dividlo

Dividlo is a music revue with singing, talking, jazz, music of Baroque accompanied by visual appearance of famous guests. The performance of Jiří Stivín is focused on presentation of music in different styles and kinds. You will hear not only film, theater or folk music, but also own improvisation of Jiří Stivín. The creative approach of Stivín removes borders between all the music styles. The concert is fitted into theater settings and the scene is created like a small living room. The screenplay of the show isn't always set and so every show is unique. The performance is accompanied by video and other visualizations.










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Information summary

  • Event title: Dividlo Jiřího Stivína
  • Date: 25. 04. 2020 25. 04. 2020
  • Venue: Czech House Jerusalem

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