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5 Jul 2019 10:30 - 14:00

Contemporary Czech Illustration and Typography - Workshop and Lecture

Czech House Jerusalem in cooperation with the Outline Ilustration Festival Jerusalem is organizing a workshop and lecture about contemporary czech illustration and typography. The czech designer Nikola Janíčková will held a lecture about independent publishing of own books. The workshop on the other hand will focus on how to draw comics based on current events, led by best Czech Illustrator according to Czech Grand Design 2018 - Jindřich Janíček.


Nikola Janíčková

Lecture: Freedom of Publishing

Nikola Janíčková Klímová is a graphic designer, publisher and typographer. She studied at UPMRUM (Prague’s Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design) and co-founded the Prague's small independent publishing house Take Take Take (since 2015).

Nikola will held a lecture about freedom of publishing your own books without the need to make money off of it. About comparison of two different approaches regarding the book design – in her own publishing or as a freelancer for big Czech publishing houses.

When: 5.7.2019, at 10:30

Where: Marie Gallery, Agripas 12, Jerusalem


Jindřich Janíček

Workshop: Documentary Comics 

Jindřich Janíček graduated of UMPRUM (Prague’s Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design), co-founded the small independent publishing house Take Take Take and just recently finished the illustrated Czech Constitution and several documentary comics.

Jindřich Janíček explores authorial approaches in the genre of documentary comics, how creators cope with working with facts, how they pass on information to comic book readers, and most of all he is interested in the gray zone between documentary comics, comics as non-fiction and places in stories that authors had to fill in with fiction or when changed the recorded reality because of the story's passing.

At  the workshop participants will choose their own event, even the unknown — from the sinking of the Titanic to a story from the grandmother.


Interview with Jindřich Janáček in english 

When: 5.7.2019, at 11:15

Where: Marie Gallery, Agripas 12, Jerusalem




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Marie Gallery, Agripas 12, Jerusalem


5 Jul 2019 10:30 - 14:00


Czech Centre

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