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Prague is the seventh-wealthiest region in the EU

The Czech capita surpassed Bratislava and Vienna in terms of economic performance

In terms of per capita economic performance, Prague was the seventh-wealthiest region in the European Union in 2017. According to a report issued by Eurostat at the end of February 2019, the Czech capital performed better than Bratislava, Vienna and Stockholm.

Eurostat compared 281 regions of the European Union according to GDP against the EU average. The statistics are based on a recalculation of GDP according to purchasing power parity, thus taking into account the local prices of goods and services. According to the given parameters, Prague reached 187% of the EU average, whereas the Slovak capital, Bratislava, achieved only

179%. Inner London – West was the highest-performing region according to the statistics. Certain regions of Bulgaria and Romania were at the bottom of the ranking

The complete results of the ranking are available on the Eurostat website. (prosím udělat hyperlink na označená slova https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/documents/2995521/9618249/1-26022019-AP-EN.pdf/f765d183-c3d2-4e2f-9256-cc6665909c80)

Source: www.ec.europa.eu/eurostat, www.czechinvest.org

Source of picture: Shutterstock

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