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The Freedom last but One - The Landscape of Otto Dov Kulka

In December 2018, the Jewish Film Festival will be held at the Jerusalem Cinema, where the Czech House, in cooperation with the Czech Center Tel Aviv, will present the German-Czech film The Freedom last but one - The Landscape of Otto Dov Kulka, which mirrors the book Otty Dova Kulka, Landscapes of the Metropolis of Death. The book is now translated into 17 languages and awarded by Schollow's siblings for literature and the Jewish Quarterly Wingate Prize.

Film: The Freedom last but one - Landscapes of Otto Dov Kulka

Director: Stefan Auch

The trailer.

Screening on 6th December, at 6:30 pm - Hall 3, at Cinematheque Jerusalem


Stefan Auch

Germany, Czech Republic 2018 |90 min. | English, Polish & Yiddish, English & Hebrew subtitles

Prod.:  Stefan Auch, Anna Bürgermeisterová | Source: Stefan Auch


For decades, Otto Dov Kulka has created a metaphorical world in diaries and tape recordings, a world that was long accessible only to himself. The film before us traces the inner landscapes of Otto Dov Kulka’s memory. Poetic and horrific, words and pictures blend together in the film – bearing witness to the burden, and the power, of surviving. His thinking and writing revolve around the question, “What does Auschwitz mean?” We delve deep into the world of Otto Dov Kulka, following his thoughts about the inexplicability of history.

Screening in the presence of Professor Otto Dov Kulka and filmmaker Stefan Auch.

Introduction by filmmaker Uri Barbash.