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New Minister of Industry and Trade Havlíček wants to make Czech Republic technology leader

Can the Czech Republic get on the cutting edge of technology?

The ambition of the future minister of industry and trade Karel Havlíček is to make the Czech Republic an industrial and technology leader. According to his words, he was ready to change the communication of the ministry, focus on cheaper data, support the nuclear energy and introduce the new Innovation Strategy. A package for  selfemployers is also among his priorities. He would like to share data at one point, integrate all payments in one flat rate, harmonise efficiency dates and reduce the number of check-ups. According to Mr. Havlíček, the smallest entrepreneurs do not need subsides; however, they need the system to be simpler.
Nominee for the Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček has been up to now the Chairman of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and Vice-Chairman of the Research, Development and Innovation Council

Source: https://www.seznamzpravy.cz

Photo source: www.shutterstock.com

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