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New czech project – Covid19.cz

The Covid19.cz project, bringing together several technology companies, including Seznam, developing strategies and mobile applications to fight the virus effectively.

The group is preparing, for example, a call center that will cope with the extreme onslaught currently facing support hotlines. It cooperates with the Czech call centers, which jointly provided volunteers with a part of their capacities.

Another project is a mobile application that anonymously traces the possible spread of infection among people using the Bluetooth function. It keeps track of nearby devices and stores the time it was in range and how close. Epidemiologists can then inform other potentially infected patients if the virus is confirmed to the person who used the application.

According to Patrick Zandl, the application will be discreet. “There are several approaches to such data use, and user privacy remains our priority. Data is obtained only with the permission of the user, it is consistently anonymized and does not allow to the server to proces the data. It is precluded that this data may be used for any purpose other than that for which the user has given his approval.“

Volunteers are also already working with several government institutions, such as the Ministries of Industry and Trade and Health, Hygiene, but are also in contact with hospitals, universities and research institutes. One of the goals the group has set is to reduce the so-called reproductive number (R0) of coronavirus, which is the number of people who can get infected from one patient.

COVID19CZ also works with anonymised data from financial institutions, which, with a six-day delay, show how individual government measures have had an impact on people's behavior. Bank card payment data collected last week by the initiative of Czech technology firms COVID19CZ showed that 46 percent of people returning from Italy at least once did not comply with the two-week quarantine conditions. The COVID19CZ group consists of DataSentics and Keboola. It cooperates with leading Czech financial institutions. The analysis of Czech payment card activities abroad was based on data from company Dateio.



Zdroj: www.seznam.cz, www.novinky.cz

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