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Israel's participation in the start-up project MY-GATEWAY

MY-GATEWAY services are designed for startups, scaleups and other ecosystem builders in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Romania. We build connections between MY-GATEWAY ecosystems and more developed ecosystems in order to strengthen the position of Central and Eastern European startups and scaleups at the European level.


  • helping startups and scaleups to meet investors and accelerators, thus expanding their networks
  • bringing CEE startups and scaleups to major tech events
  • training startups in how to benefit from public and private funding
  • helping startups to have better access to talent by engaging with universities and student organisations
  • strengthening the business connections between the CEE region and the Western Balkans

Members of the consortium:

Europa Media Ltd. (Hungary)

Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal)

Bar Ilan University (Israel)

University of Salamaca – Startup Ole Accelerator (Spain)

Startups.be (Belgium)

NACUE UK Ltd. (United Kingdom)

European Young Innovators Forum (Belgium)

SPHERIK Accelerator (Romania)

Start:up Slovenia (Slovenia)

CzechInvest (Czech Republic)

Hugin and Munin Global S.L. (Spain)

MY-GATEWAY is an initiative of Startup Europe that aims to strengthen the capacities of high-tech start-ups and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in the CEE region to become better connected, gain greater market exposure and have improved, streamlined access to funding opportunities and talented staff.

Source: https://www.czechinvest.org/en/About-CzechInvest/About-Us/Internal-projects/My-Gateway

Prepared by the team of CzechTrade / CzechInvest Jerusalem