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NGO ECOWEEK is celebrating its 15-year anniversary with an online challenge that will inspire, challenge and innovate with lectures, design workshops and a virtual exhibition!


With activity in 17 countries, and a network in 56 countries, ECOWEEK brings together young professionals for innovation and sustainable design, green buildings, Placemaking, Emergency + Social Architecture, and Circular Economy. 

This October ECOWEEK holds its second online event as a response to COVID-19 travel restrictions and the need to intensify environmental awareness and sustainable practices towards the European 2030 targets to avert the climate crisis.

With keynote speaker award-winning French architect Nicola Delon (Encore Heureux Architectes), and 15 experts from 16 countries experts on policy, design, circular economy, biodiversity and more - organized in part with the European network of cultural institutes EUNIC-Tel Aviv. With 48-hour design workshops and a unique virtual exhibition that will inspire with ideas generated in 200 ECOWEEK design workshops in 17 countries.This may be one of the most exciting, engaging and inspiring ECOWEEK events!

Czech Republic will be represented by Mr. Jaroslav Haimy Hyjánek, director of zoology at Safari Park Dvur Kralove and director of Research Institute for Gene Pool Conservation, an expert in zoology and genetic engineering graduate of Czech University of Life Sciences and Mendel University in Brno. Hyjanek has devoted his professional life to special zoology and at zoos and nature conservation.



Lecture Let´s Save Rhinos Together

by Jaroslav Haimy Hyjánek


More than 1 000 rhinos are illegally killed every year. Mostly because their horns used by Chinese medicine. The northern white rhinos species has only two last females on the world. Without our help, this species will be erased from our planet forever. Let´s join us to protect all the rhinos and bring The northern white rhinos back to roam African savannas.

The Lecture will take place on Friday 2 October at 16:00 (UTC/GMT+3). The lecture will be livestreamed online and is free of admission. Registration required at http://ecoweek.online/.


Ing. Jaroslav Haimy Hyjánek

J. H. Hýjánek has studied special zoology and genetic engineering at Czech University of Life Sciences Prague and Mendel University in Brno. He has devoted his professional life to the special zoology and a work at zoos and nature conservation. Currently he works a director of zoology at Safari Park Dvur Kralove and a director of Research Institut for Gene Pool Conservation.

Safari Park Dvur Kralove
Establish in 1946 and based in The Czech republic. Safari park has two parts - a classical zoo and an African safari with large natural enclosures. Safari park keeps more than 2 000 African animals. Safari Park Dvur Kralove is known for its rhinos conservation projects.








ECOWEEK is a non-profit organization, established in 2005 by architect and social entrepreneur Elias Messinas, with the passion to change peoples’ habits and the mission to raise environmental awareness and to promote sustainability. Based in Greece and Israel, for 15 years ECOWEEK has been engaging, training and empowering more than 4000 students and professionals from 56 countries with inspiring speakers and challenging design workshops. ECOWEEK has become for many young professionals a unique experience and a turning point to their growth and career.

Whether in virtual or physical platforms, at ECOWEEK students design and implement innovative ideas and develop their thinking in sustainability. Many ideas are implemented in cities around the world. Together we will continue to make an impact! Join us for this special ECOWEEK 15-year anniversary challenge!

ECOWEEK Organizing Team: Elias Messinas, Despoina Kouinoglou, Pavlos Symianakis, Sofia Passia, Vicky Panagiotidou, Eleni Mantika, Nafsica Mouti, Margarita Kyanidou, Ina Patsali, and Theodora Passia.


ECOWEEK 2020 Website & Registration : http://ecoweek.online/ 

Contact : ecoweek@ecoweek.org