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Czech Government improves investment support

Investment incentives system will focus more on support for projects with higher value added.

At the end of the year the Government approved an amendment to the investment incentives Act, that should bring a fundamental change in provision of public support to investors.

Newly proposed:
1. Target investment support for projects with higher added value, namely:
    (a) enhancing support for technology centers and strategic services centers,
    (b) introducing tighter conditions for the support of production projects,
2. Maintain increased support in economically problematic regions,
3. Improve the availability of incentives for small and medium-sized enterprises,
4. Improve the flexibility of the investment incentive system in relation to the current economic situation.

For more details, see https://www.czechinvest.org/en/Our-services/Investment-Incentives/Investment-Incentives-Amendment


Source: www.podnikate.cz 

Prepared by the team of CzechTrade / CzechInvest Jerusalem